Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Volvo Concept 26 - A Preview of Autonomous Driving

Volvo Concept 26 is an interior design concept and innovation platform for autonomous driving vehicles built around a patented new seat design that cradles the driver at all times and through the transformation between the different modes. Together with a tablet interface in the center console, a foldable tray table and a 25-inch flat-screen monitor that flips up from the passenger side dashboard, Concept 26 provides three interior modes: Drive, Create and Relax. Create mode allows for a variety of configurations of the seat, table and screens enabling the driver to complete a range of activities, such as reading, working on your next big project, or consuming media and other online content while the car takes care of the driving. Relax mode transforms the seat into a comfortable reclining position. The vehicle can also curate and suggest content to the driver via the passenger dashboard mounted screen. Volvo Cars is working with several partners in creating the best space for consuming media, interacting with devices or relaxing.