Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Toyota Connected CEO, President Zack Hicks Discusses Start-Up

Zack Hicks, CEO & President of Toyota Connected discusses new Toyota start-up aimed at providing user-friendly technology for drivers. Toyota Connected, Inc., based in Plano, Texas, will expand data management and data services development serving as a data science hub for Toyota’s global operations and will support a broad range of consumer-, business- and government- facing initiatives. Toyota Connected will leverage the power of data science through Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology to develop predictive, contextual, and intuitive services that help to humanize the driving experience. Program areas will include in-car services and telematics; home/IoT connectivity; personalization; safety; smart city integration; and a broad range data services for Toyota affiliates, its dealers; fleet services and more. Toyota Connected says it will operate in full support of Federal Trade Commission’s Privacy Principles for Vehicle Technologies and Services.