Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July 2017 U.S. Auto Sales

General Motors reported July U.S. sales of 226,107, down 15.4 percent from July 2016. Year-to-date sales are 1,640,553. a 3.8 percent decline.

Ford Motor Company reported July sales of 200,212, a drop of 7.5 percent from 2016. Year-to-date sales are 1,501,314, down 4.3 percent.
Toyota Motor North America reported July 2017 sales of 222,057, up 3.6 percent. Toyota division posted July sales of 193,155, up 3.6 percent. Year-to-date Toyota Motor North America sales are 1,377,222, down 2.5 percent.

FCA US (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat, Alfa Romeo) reported sales of 161,477, a 10 percent decrease compared with sales in July 2016. Year-to-date sales are 1,228,839, down 7 percent.

American Honda reported total July sales of 150,980 Honda and Acura vehicles, a decrease of 1.2 percent vs. July 2016. Total Honda Division sales decreased 1.7 percent on sales of 136,803. Acura Division sales were up 3.7 percent in July on sales of 14,177 vehicles. Year-to-date American Honda sales are 942,866, down 0.2 percent.

Nissan Group announced total U.S. sales of 128,295, a decrease of 3.2 percent over the prior year. Year-to-date sales are 947,983, up 1.9 percent over a year ago.

Hyundai Motor America reported July sales of Hyundai and Genesis branded vehicles of 54,063, a 28 percent decline compared with the company’s best July ever in 2016. Genesis Motor America sales of 1,644 for July pushing year-to-date sales to 11,563.

Kia Motors America announced July sales of 56,403 vehicles, down 5.9 percent. Year-to-date sales are 352,139, down 9.3 percent from a year ago.

Subaru of America reported 55,703 vehicle sales for July 2017, a 7 percent increase over July 2016, and the best July in the history of the company. Subaru reported year-to-date sales of 360,513 vehicles, a 8.7 percent gain over the same period in 2016.

Mazda North American Operations reported July U.S. sales of 27,089 vehicles, representing a decrease of 3 percent versus July of last year. Year-to-date sales through July are down 2.6 percent versus last year, with 168,713 vehicles sold.

Volkswagen of America reported sales of 27,091, a 5.8 percent decrease over July 2016. Year-to-date sales are 188,329, an increase of 5.9 percent. Separately, Audi of America reported July sales of 18,824, an increase of 2.5 percent. Year-to-date sales of 121,795 is a 5.6 percent increase over last year.

Mercedes-Benz USA reported July sales of 25,909. On a year-to-date basis, Mercedes-Benz retails totaled 187,869, down 1.8 percent from the previous year. Adding 2,758 for Vans and 182 for smart, MBUSA achieved a grand total of 28,849 vehicles for the month.

Sales of BMW brand vehicles of 21,965 was a decrease of 14.8 percent. Year-to-date sales of 171,051 is down 4.6 percent compared to the first seven months of 2016.

Mitsubishi Motors North America reported July 2017 sales of 8,025, up 1.7 percent over July 2016. Year-to-date sales are 62,601.

Volvo Car USA reported U.S. sales of 6,967 vehicles for the month of July.

Jaguar Land Rover North America reported July U.S. sales for both brands were 9,081, a 4 percent decrease, with Jaguar sales of 3,166, a 7 percent decrease and Land Rover sales 5,915, down 2.6 percent July 2016. Year to date, Jaguar Land Rover is up 15 percent in the United States, ahead of 2016's record sales year pace.

Porsche Cars North America announced record July 2017 sales of 3,901 vehicles, a 0.6 percent increase over July 2016. Year-to-date, deliveries are up 2.9 percent compared to 2016 with 31,469 vehicle sales.

Sales will be updated as manufacturers report.