Friday, September 27, 2019

2020 Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell SUV Gets Up To 380 Mile Range

2020 Hyundai NEXO fuel cell SUV, available in California, with 161 peak horsepower has an estimated driving range of 380 miles for the NEXO Blue model, and 354 miles for the Limited trim. NEXO Blue models have estimated MPGe of 65 city, 58 highway and 61 combined, while NEXO Limited models have an estimated MPGe of 59 city, 54 highway, and 57 combined. NEXO refueling time can be achieved in as little as five minutes. NEXO offers Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist, Lane Following Assist, Driver Attention Warning, High Beam Assist and Remote Smart Parking Assist. RSPA enables NEXO to either autonomously park or retrieve itself from either a parallel or perpendicular parking space with or without a driver in the vehicle. The RSPA system can even autonomously back NEXO into a parking spot with a touch of a key fob button by the driver. For 2020, a newly-available cargo cover, front passenger window auto-up/down and rear privacy glass are now standard on Blue models.