Thursday, November 18, 2021

Fisker Ocean EV Coming At the End of 2022

The all-electric Fisker Ocean Sport with a 250-mile range is priced from $37,499 (before federal and state tax credits and incentives). The all-wheel-drive Fisker Ocean Ultra with a 340 mile range is priced at $49,999, the all-wheel-drive Fisker Ocean Extreme with a range of over 350 miles is priced at $68,999. The first 5,000 vehicles produced will be Fisker Ocean One, also priced at $68,999. Key features include California Mode, for a near-convertible SUV experience and Fisker’s SolarSky roof, available on the Fisker Ocean Extreme and Fisker Ocean One that can add up to 2,000 miles annually depending on the sunshine. The Fisker Ocean has a 17.1-inch central high-resolution Revolve screen that rotates from a default portrait Control Mode, effective when driving, to a landscape Hollywood Mode, available when the vehicle is parked. The Fisker Ocean will be available to purchase at the end of 2022, and customers can reserve a vehicle for a $250 deposit today. The Fisker Ocean is being manufactured by Magna-Steyr at a carbon-neutral factory in Graz, Austria.