Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ford Edge Concept Showcases Future Technology

Ford Edge Concept with driver-assist technologies and semi-automated features like fully assisted parking that lets customers park their vehicles at the touch of a button, or even by remote control. Using similar sensor and automated vehicle control technology. This Edge Concept is able to issue warnings if it detects slow-moving or stationary obstacles in the same lane ahead. If the driver fails to steer or brake following the warnings, the system will automatically steer and brake the vehicle to avoid a collision. Adaptive steering controls the relationship between how much the driver turns the wheel and how much the road wheels turn.

Lane-Keeping System uses a forward-facing camera that can scan the road surface for lane markings to evaluate if the vehicle is drifting out of its lane and then alert the driver by vibrating the steering wheel. If the driver does not respond to the vibrations, the system provides steering torque to nudge the vehicle back toward the center of the lane. Adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support uses radar to detect moving vehicles immediately ahead, and can modify cruising speed if necessary. Blind Spot Information System uses radar sensors in the rear corners that monitor the spaces next to and just behind the vehicle. On the road, these sensors trigger a warning light in the mirror when there is another vehicle in the driver’s blind spot.