Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 2016 U.S. Auto Sales

General Motors (Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Cadillac) sold 258,626 vehicles, a 1.7 percent drop, in October while year-to-date sales of 2,471,023 is a 3.6 percent decline from 2015. Cadillac October sales of 13,948 is a 9.4 percent drop from last year while year-to-date sales of 133,234 is down 5.6 percent.

Ford total October sales were 188,813, down 11.7 percent versus a year ago. Lincoln sales made up 9,069 of that total, a 6.9 percent increase and year-to-date sales are 89,504, up 8.6 percent. Year-to-date total Ford sales are 2,177,269, a 0.4 percent decline from 2015.

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. reported October 2016 sales of 186,295, a decrease of 8.7 percent from October 2015. Toyota Division posted October sales of 161,492, down 9.1 percent while Lexus posted October sales of 24,803, down 6.2 percent. Year-to-date TMS U.S.A. sales of 2,008,714 is a 2.3 drop from 2015.

FCA US (Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, Fiat, Alfa Romeo) reported U.S. sales of 176,609, a 10 percent decrease compared with sales in October 2015. Year-to-date sales of 1,890,969 is up 2 percent over a year ago.

American Honda reported October sales of 126,161 Honda and Acura vehicles, a decrease of 4.2 percent versus October 2015. Honda division sales of 113,292 was down 2 percent while Acura sales of 12,869 was a 13.8 percent decline. Year-to-date American Honda sales of 1,354,541 is a 2.6 percent gain over last year.

Nissan Group announced total U.S. sales for October 2016 of 113,520, a decrease of 2.2 percent from the prior year. Nissan Division finished October with 102,312 sales, a 2.5 percent drop, while Infiniti sales of 11,208 was up 0.6 percent. Year-to-date Nissan Group sales of 1,296,544 is a 4.7 percent over 2015.

Hyundai Motor America sales totaled 62,505 vehicles (including Genesis brand sales of 1,201), a 4.2 percent rise over last year. Year-to-date sales of 650,193, a 1.9 percent rise over 2015.

Kia Motors America sold 48,977 vehicles, a 2.1 percent drop from a year ago, while year-to-date sales of 540,741, a 2.8 percent increase over 2015.

Subaru of America reported 53,760 vehicle sales for October 2016, a 4.1 percent increase over October 2015 sales of 51,629 vehicles. Subaru also reported year-to-date sales of 500,647 vehicles, a 4.2 percent gain over the same period in 2015.

Volkswagen of America reported sales of 24,779 in October, down 18.5 percent from a year ago. Year-to-date sales of 256,047 is down 13.1 percent. Separately, Audi of America October sales of 17,721 was a 0.1 percent increase over 2015 while year-to-date sales of 169,900 is up 2.9 percent over last year.

Mercedes-Benz USA reported October sales of 31,801 vehicles for the month, down 2.1 percent from last year. Mercedes-Benz brand sales were 28,659, a decrease of 1.0 percent from same month last year while Mercedes-Benz Vans sold 2,724, down 2.7 percent and smart sold 418 cars. On a year-to-date basis, MBUSA posted a grand total of 310,205 units in October, increasing 0.7% from the previous year. Mercedes-Benz brand 2016 sales of 277,863 is down 0.4 percent. Adding year-to-date-sales of 27,880 for Vans and 4,462 for smart, MBUSA posted a grand total of 310,205 units in October, an increase of 0.7% from the previous year.

BMW Group October sales (including MINI) were 27,971, down 16.6 percent and year-to-date are 297,015, a 9.6 percent drop. Sales of BMW brand vehicles were 24,017, a decrease of 18.4 percent in October. Year-to-date, the BMW brand sales of 254,150 vehicles is down 9.0 percent in the first ten months of 2015.

Mazda North American Operations reported October U.S. sales of 22,711 vehicles, a decrease of 10.8 percent versus last year. Year-to-date sales through October are 246,978 vehicles, a 7.6 percent decline.

Jaguar Land Rover reported October 2016 U.S. sales of 8,751, a 7 percent increase from October 2015. Jaguar sales were 3,219, a 226 percent and  Land Rover sales were 5,532, down 23 percent. Year-to-date, Jaguar Land Rover U.S. sales are 83,491, up 23 percent from 2015.

Volvo Car USA reported U.S. sales of 6,340 vehicles. Year-to-date, VCUSA has sold 64,872, a 20.6 increase year-over-year.

Porsche Cars North America announced another record breaking October sales result of 4,506 vehicles, a 10.7 percent gain. Year-to-date sales of 44,752, up 3.2 percent over 2015.

Results will be posted as manufacturers report.