Thursday, December 1, 2011

November 2011 U.S. Auto Sales

General Motors reported total sales of 180,402 vehicles in November, up 6.9 percent compared with November 2010 and year-to-date sales are 2,269,469, a 14.7 percent increase over 2010.

Ford Motor Company's November U.S. total sales were 166,865, up 13 percent over November 2010. Year-to-date Ford sales are 1,938,666, up 11.1 percent vs. a year ago. 

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., reported November sales of 137,960, up 6.7 percent over the year-ago month. Year-to-date Toyota sales are 1,384,558, a decline of 20.5 percent from 2010.

Chrysler reported U.S. sales of 107,172, a 45 percent increase compared with sales in November 2010 and year-to-date sales are 1,231,095, up 25 percent from last year.

Nissan North America reported record November U.S. sales of 85,182, an increase of 19.4 percent. Year-to-date sales are 941,607, a gain of 15.6 percent over 2010.

American Honda posted November sales of 83,925, a decrease of 10.1 percent. American Honda year-to-date sales reached 1,042,055, down 5.7 percent versus last year.

Hyundai Motor America November sales of 49,610 was a 22 percent increase compared with the same record-setting period a year ago. Year to date, Hyundai sales are 594,926, up 21 percent versus 2010 in total.

Kia Motors America announced best-ever November sales of 37,007, a 39.1 percent increase over the same period last year and year-to-date sales are 442,102, up 35.7 percent. 

Volkswagen of America reported November sales of 28,412, a 40.7 percent increase over prior year sales.  Year-to-date sales are 291,899, up 25.3 percent over 2010. Audi reported 9,700 vehicles sold in November 2011, a 3.6 percent increase over the previous all-time record set a year earlier. Year-to-date sales of 104,906 was a gain of 15.2 percent, topping the previous annual U.S. sales record of 101,629 set at the end of last year.

Mercedes-Benz USA reported November sales of 28,255 vehicles, a 55.2 percent improvement over November 2010 for their highest November volume on record.  On a year-to-date basis, the 236,415 vehicles sold represent a 20.4 percent increase over the same period last year. 

The BMW Group in the U.S. (BMW and MINI combined) reported November sales of 26,271 vehicles, an increase of 14.8percent from same month a year ago.  Year-to-date, BMW Group sales are 272,873, up 14.6 percent in the first eleven months of 2011 compared to the same period in 2010.

Mazda North American Operations reported November U.S. sales of 18,432, an increase of 20.4 percent versus last year. Year-to-date sales through November are 228,073, up 9.6 percent versus last year.    

Subaru of America reported November sales of 17,657, a drop of 15 percent from November 2010 and year-to-date sales of 233,288, a 1.6 percent decline compared to the same 11 months last year.

Jaguar sold 915 cars in November, an 18 percent drop from 2010 and year-to-date Jag has sold 11,139, an 8 percent drop. Land Rover November sales were 3,820, a 31 percent jump over the same month a year ago and for the 11 months of 2011 Land Rover sales are 33,356, an increase of 18 percent. Combined, JLR sales were 4,735 in November, up 17 percent and for the year 44,495, a 10 percent gain.

Mitsubishi Motors North America reported November 2011 sales of 3,735, down 13 percent from November 2010.  Sales of Mitsubishi vehicles for calendar-year-to-date 2011 are at 73,988, a 45.6 percent increase over 2010.

Porsche Cars North America announced November 2011 sales of 2,255 vehicles and year-to-date sales of 27,189, a 19 percent increase from 2010.

American Suzuki sold 2,332 vehicles in November, down 22 percent from a year ago while year-to-date sales are 24,053, a 13 percent gain over 2010. 

Sales will be updated as manufacturers report.