Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Generation Volkswagen Tiguan Coming Next Fall

The new generation Volkswagen Tiguan, more than 110 pounds lighter, 2.4 inches longer and 1.2 inches wider compared to the previous model, has two different length wheelbases, with the "long" Tiguan to be introduced to specific markets starting in the Fall of 2016. There are a total of eight Euro-6 compliant engines, all of which have turbocharging, direct injection, a stop-start system and battery regeneration as standard. There are four TSI® gasoline engines with front-wheel drive and available  all-wheel drive powertrains either as an option or as standard. Compared to the previous model with Euro-5 engines, the four-cylinder engines in the new Tiguan are up to 24 per cent more fuel-efficient. Compared to previous Tiguans with Euro-6 engines, there is up to 10 percent better fuel efficiency. We'll know more about U.S.-configured vehicles closer to the sales date.