Friday, June 13, 2014

Ford Lowers MPG On 200,000 Fiestas, Hybrids and Plug-Ins

Ford identified an error with fuel economy ratings through its internal testing and notified EPA on approximately 200,000 Ford Fiesta, Fusion and C-MAX and Lincoln MKZ vehicles that have been sold or leased to customers in the United States and will give affected owners and lessees a range of goodwill payments of $125 for a Fiesta lease customer to $1,050 for a Lincoln purchase customer for the estimated average fuel cost of the difference between the two fuel economy labels. Ford worked with EPA which retested the vehicles to determine the correct fuel economy ratings. The biggest miles-per-gallon adjustment is on the Lincoln MKZ hybrid from 45 mpg combined city/highway down to a revised 38 mpg. The Fusion hybrid fuel economy rating was revised from 47 mpg to 42 mpg.