Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chrysler's "It's Halftime, America" Ad Tops Super Bowl Auto Spots

Sixteen auto manufacturer ads ran during last Sunday's Super Bowl and, according to Ace Metrix criteria below, here's how they ranked relative to all the ads that aired on NBC during the game.

6. It's Halftime, America - Chrysler -  633
7. Matthew's Day Off - Honda - 630
12. Transactions - Acura - 593
14. Dog Strikes Back - Volkswagen - 590
21. Green Hell - Cadillac - 563
22. Happy Grad - Chevrolet - 558
23. Seduction - Fiat - 556
24. Cheetah - Hyundai - 552
25. It's Reinvented - Toyota - 552
26. 2012 - Chevrolet - 550
29. Think Fast - Hyundai - 544
30. Stunt Anthem - Chevrolet - 538
31. A Dream Car for Real Life - Kia - 537
32. Vampire Party - Audi - 536
39. Connections - Toyota - 502
42. The Beast - Lexus - 489

According to Ace Metrix website, Ace Metrix scores every ad in front of 500+ consumers – alongside other advertising. Each ad gets its own unique audience. Ace Metrix has conducted more than 2.6 million surveys in 2011 alone. It is our belief that a complete test of advertising creative must take into consideration both the voluntary nature of advertising consumption and the business goal of the advertiser. As a result, the Ace Score is calculated with both of those objectives in mind. First, we measure the success in achieving the business objective through our Persuasion metric. Persuasion is composed of six factors, each one identified for its ability to influence behavior: Desire, Relevance, Information, Attention, Change, Likeability. Second, we address the nature of advertising consumption, through our Watchability metric which is designed to measure the ad’s ability to attract a viewer’s interest in watching the ad voluntarily. Persuasion and Watchability interact with each other, which results in the overall effectiveness of an ad (its Ace Score).

My personal favorite was the Fiat "Seduction" ad because it encompasses sexy, performance and imagination in the eyes of the beholder - and that's what a car is all about. What was your favorite?