Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2011 Nissan Leaf EV Will Cost $25,280 After Fed Tax Credit, Maybe Less

The 2011 Nissan LEAF electric vehicle will have a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $32,780, which includes three years of roadside assistance. Including the $7,500 federal tax credit for which the Nissan LEAF will be fully eligible, the consumer's after-tax net value of the vehicle will be $25,280. Additionally, Nissan says there is an array of state and local incentives that may further defray the costs and increase the benefits of owning and charging a Nissan LEAF such as a $5,000 statewide tax rebate in California; a $5,000 tax credit in Georgia; a $1,500 tax credit in Oregon; and carpool-lane access in some states, including California. As a result Nissan will be able to offer a monthly lease payment beginning at $349, not including state or local incentives, which could further reduce the net cost of the Nissan LEAF. The SL trim level, available for an additional $940 (MSRP), adds features including rearview monitor, solar panel spoiler, fog lights, and automatic headlights.

Nissan will offer personal charging docks, which operate on a 220-volt supply, as well as their installation for an average cost of $2,200 which Nissan says is eligible for a 50 percent federal tax credit up to $2,000. Nissan is providing these home-charging stations, which will be built and installed by AeroVironment, as part of a one-stop-shop process that includes a home assessment. Using current national electricity averages, Nissan LEAF will cost less than $3 to "fill up."