Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NAIAS: Honda Civic Concepts To Become Reality In A Few Months

Honda showed off their new 2 and 4 door Civics in Detroit as concepts when, in fact, they'll be in showrooms in a few months. Shortly after the 4 door version was unveiled it was shipped to the Montreal Auto Show because Civic is a top seller in Canada.

That 4 door Civic had an unfinished interior with clay sculpting so it appears to be a concept that will be quickly transformed. Some critics were expecting a more drastic design change in the Civic but if it's not broke it doesn't need to be fixed, maybe just tweaked. Both models looked sleek and ready for personalization by their huge, loyal Civic fan base. Let's see if the production models and pricing details are released by or at the mid-April New York Auto Show.