Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 U.S. Auto Sales Rise Sharply For Just About All Manufacturers

General Motors reported 223,932 total sales in December, a 16-percent increase from a year ago for the company’s four brands. For the calendar year, total sales for GM’s four brands increased 21 percent to 2,202,927, while retail sales rose 16 percent for the year.

Ford's December sales (including fleet deliveries) were 190,976, up 7 percent versus a year ago. Ford's full-year sales totaled 1.935 million, up 19 percent versus a year ago.

Toyota Motor Sales reported December sales of 177,488 units, down 5.5 percent compared to the same period last year. For the year, TMS reported annual sales of 1,763,595 vehicles, flat from the same period in 2009, on an unadjusted raw volume basis.

American Honda December new vehicle sales of 129,616 was an increase of 25.5 percent while American Honda’s 2010 annual vehicle sales totaled 1,230,480, an increase of 7.6 percent compared to 2009.

Chrysler Group LLC reported U.S. sales of 100,702, a 16 percent increase compared with December 2009 and for all 2010 Chrysler Group sold 1,085,211 vehicles up 17 percent compared with 2009 sales.

Nissan North America reported record December U.S. sales of 93,730, an increase of 27.7 percent. For 2010, NNA full-year sales were 908,570, up 18 percent from 2009.

Hyundai Motor America December sales of 44,802 units was up 33 percent versus 2009.  For the full year, Hyundai reported 538,228 sales, up 24 percent, an all-time Hyundai sales and market share record for the year.

Kia Motors America reported best-ever December sales of 30,444 units, up 44.6 percent from December 2009 and led to KMA’s 16th consecutive year of increased market share in the U.S. and all-time record sales in 2010 of 356,268, up 18.7 percent over 2009 and a 16.6-percent increase over the annual mark set in 2007. 

Volkswagen of America December 2010  sales of 23,867 was a 17 percent increase over prior year sales. For all, VW 2010 sales were 256,830, a 20 percent increase over 2009 total year sales, the best annual sales since 2003. Audi reported December sales of 10,546, a 16.8 percent increase over 2009. For the full year of 2010, Audi new sales of 101,629 vehicles was up 22.9 percent versus its prior full-year total.

The BMW Group in the U.S. (BMW and MINI combined) reported December sales of 27,600 vehicles, an increase of 16.9 percent from  the same month a year ago.  For 2010, the BMW Group in the U.S. reported total sales of 265,757 vehicles, up 9.9 percent compared to 2009. 

Subaru of America reported December sales of 26,694, its best-ever  December by a wide margin, exceeding the previous record set in 2009 by 16 percent and full-year results for 2010 were a record 263,820, a 22 percent increase over 2009.

Mazda North American Operations reported December 2010 sales of 21,479, up 17.7 percent versus December 2009 while year-to-date 2010 sales came in at 229,566, up 10.5 percent versus 2009.

Mercedes-Benz USA reported December sales of 21,469 vehicles, a 7.2 percent rise, bringing MBUSA's 2010 total to 225,007, an increase of 18 percent over 2009.

Jaguar Land Rover sold 4,875 vehicles in December 2010 a 1 percent gain from 2009 and for the year sales were 45,204, up 18 percent.

Mitsubishi Motors North America reported December sales of 4,874 units, an increase of almost 12 percent compared to December 2009. Mitsubishi sales for the year were up more than 4 percent.

American Suzuki sold 2,647 vehicles in December up 40 percent from December 2009 and for all 2010 sold 23,994, 38 percent fewer than last year.