Sunday, January 27, 2013

Subaru Goes With Dog Tested. Dog Approved Campaign

Subaru will air its "Dog Tested. Dog Approved" campaign to resonate with Subaru owners and like-minded consumers. Subaru says its drivers are two times more likely than the average car owner to have a pet. Super Bowl Sunday Feb. 3 and Subaru has unveiled a sneak peak of the new commercials:
    Lint Roller, Tailgate,  Let's Talk Financing On the Lot 

Subaru will also launch a new Facebook application packed with treats for dogs and dog lovers:
    Dog Matchmaker:  With the help of Grant Weber, every dog can find their perfect Subaru.  Enter the dogs breed, weight, and lifestyle and the Matchmaker will identify a fitting model for the dog.
    Ask a Dog - Live: Type in a question and Our Subaru Canine Experts will work hard to dig up the results.
    Four-Paw Drivers Club: Let your dog become a four-legged Subaru enthusiast with their own dog driver's license. Upload a photo of your dog to populate a personalized dog driver's license and share with your friends.
    Put Your Dog in a Subaru: Every dog has his or her day. Now you can help them get there faster by putting them behind the wheel of a Subaru. Upload a picture of your furry friend, put them in the driver's seat, and see where the road takes them.